EZ2 Lotto Result

2D PCSO EZ2 lotto result today shall be posted here after the 11am, 4pm and 9pm EZ2 lotto result draw.

EZ2 LOTTO RESULT Dec 22 2014

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EZ2 11am: __-__
EZ2 4pm: __-__
EZ2 9pm: __-__

2D EZ2 lotto result Dec 22, 2014 (Monday)

PCSO EZ2 lotto game prizes:

Standard Play: 2 winning numbers in exact order = P4,000
Rambolito Play: 2 winning numbers in reverse order = P2,000

Once again, today’s EZ2 result / winning numbers are as follows…

PCSO EZ2 lotto result 12/22/2014 (Monday):

ez2 11am result –
ez2 4pm result –
ez2 9pm result –

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